Why do yoga naked?

While many equate being naked with sex, that could not be further from the point at a naked yoga class. Being naked and doing yoga is both practical and liberating, and doing it with other men is a great way to connect in a non-sexual way.

What style of yoga do you teach?

Most of our classes are Vnysa Flow yoga that involve poses, breathing, meditation and relaxation. The classes provide a physical workout, an emotional and mental cleansing, and an opportunity to reconnect spiritually. The room temperature is warm but not hot, as we try to build the fire from within. You will want to bring a towel and yoga mat as well as a bottle of water.

I’m looking for a peep show, how do I sign up?

You should not waste your time. The energy in the room is very clear, and the men who come are very focused on celebrating their bodies through yoga. There is a decidedly non-sexual vibe in the room and while many have come expecting to be titillated, they often comment that what they found was a much more rich and rewarding experience. In addition, though it has not yet been necessary, we have no problem asking someone to leave if his behavior is inappropriate.

What happens if I get aroused?

Erections happen for all sorts of reasons and are not limited to sexual attraction. Yoga poses move a lot of prana (energy) in the body and sometimes erections happen. This is rarely an issue, but if it does ‘come up’ there is nothing to be ashamed of. Further, most of the other guys in the class will be so focused on their own practice that it is doubtful they would even notice.

I’m a straight guy, will I be the only one there?

Certainly more gay and bi guys are open to a naked class, but many straight men come as well. As we have noted over and over, this is a very non-sexual class, so many straight guys feel right at home and often comment on how much they enjoy the class.

I don’t have the perfect body-will I feel out of place?

Being naked and doing yoga can feel very intimidating. Most of us are not A&F models and yet we hold ourselves up to that standard. This is one of the reasons this class can be so healing. People of all shapes, sizes, races and physical abilities attend this class. All are welcome and most feel very comfortable once they get there.

Do you allow women?

We offer a Men’s only and a co-ed class, check the class schedule for dates and times.

I have injuries/medical conditions. Is it safe for me to practice yoga?

Generally speaking, yes. You will want to tell your teacher about your issues before you practice, and you should always inform your doctor before you start any exercise program. That said, most doctors will enthusiastically support your doing yoga with most medical issues. We can always modify your practice to fit your unique needs.

originally taken from Darren Main www.darrenmain.com