Jason Firth

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In the early 90s I was in a motorcycle accident that broke several bones in my right leg. After a year, I still walked with an old man’s limp. Upon a friends recommendation, I tried Bikram yoga. Within two months, the limp was gone and I loved yoga!

Ten years later, I had let the demands of a thriving legal practice pull me away from yoga and found myself overweight and with early signs of heart disease. I turned to yoga, lost 45 pounds and healed my heart. To deepen my practice, I completed Aaron Star’s Hot Nude Yoga teacher certification course in 2011 in Costa Rica. This year I took another intensive yoga course in Australia and will complete further coursework this fall in Thailand and Cambodia. Locally, I study yoga theory and practice with Marissa Harris.

While still a work in progress, I’m amazed at the miracles yoga has worked in my life and love sharing the magic with others. For me, the best benefit of asana practice is that it prepares the body and mind for meditation. In turn a regular mediation practice allows us to manifest any outcome we desire off the mat.

Aside from being a yogi, I’m a fire spinner, skier, hiker, hula hooper, trademark lawyer and international destination lecturer on cruise ships.